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Options eyed for 6th Worcester District contest

Judge rules in favor of Alicea, election called a tie

February 06, 2011
Informed speculation is pointing toward holding both a new primary and a general election for the 6th Worcester House District later this spring.

"This is kind of new territory here," said State Rep. Paul Frost, R-Auburn, who was a member of the Joint Elections Committee until this year. "These [ties] don't happen very often, so people will go back into the books and look at past precedent."

Among the few he knows of that seem relevant is a tie in 1915 or 1916 in which the Legislature did just that, although Frost noted there were elements then that were different — for example, people could vote for more than one representative.

JEC Chairman Michael Moran, D-Boston, said his immediate goal is to "come to some consensus" within his panel on what to do, which they'll submit as a report to the Speaker of the House. He hopes to do so "in the next few days."

"There is precedent for us to do a lot of things — both call a runoff between the two" or have primaries, Moran said.

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