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Take precautions in case of power outages

MEMA: Residents urged to prepare for worst

Anthony Cerimal, of Southbridge, snow blows thick icy slush on the sidewalk in front of his home on Everett Street Wednesday Shawn Kelley. (click for larger version)
February 03, 2011
The Pennsylvania groundhog predicted an early arrival of spring Wednesday, Feb. 2, but considering the indefatigable winter that has ravaged New England, he appears to be a very wishful thinker.

Of course, even if spring does come early, residents will still have to endure another month of roof clearing, shoveling sidewalks, icy roads, and potentially, a few more devastating storms.

"It has been a horrible winter, one of the worst I can remember in a long time, but at least the power hasn't gone out at my house yet," said Paul Carvallo, of Brimfield, who admits that he wasn't prepared for such a brutal winter. "If I could go back in time, I'd buy one of those dang snow rakes that are so hard to find now."

With yet another storm expected tomorrow, some residents fear that the worst storm is yet to come. Thinking along the same lines, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Association (MEMA) and Department of Public Safety are encouraging residents to make the necessary preparations for ice storms that could cause lengthy power outages.

"We have obviously had a very active pattern this winter, but due to the cold temperatures the precipitation has fallen as mostly snow," said a spokesman with the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety. "When those temperatures start to increase a little throughout February, you're more likely to see ice events."

For more on this story, please see tomorrow's Southbridge Evening News.

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