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Supply and demand

Snow rakes in short order after buying blitz

Residents have been frustrated to find that snow rakes are sold out in most hardware stores. Contact local stores this weekend to see if new shipments have arrived. Kevin Flanders. (click for larger version)
February 02, 2011
Snow rakes have been selling like hotcakes over the last two weeks, leaving residents who wanted to clear their roofs in time for yesterday's storm out of luck.

Following one of the snowiest New England months on record, many roofs are now buried under three or more feet of compacted snow and ice. With several more inches falling in the last 48 hours, even some well-constructed slanted roofs are beginning to support a dangerous amount of weight.

"I have called pretty much every hardware store in the area, and none of them have had snow rakes for the roof in stock," said Don Graham, of Sturbridge.

Graham plans to do the work the hard way by climbing a ladder and shoveling snow off the edges of his roof. Other residents may need to resort to this practice or call a professional roofing company, because hardware stores aren't expected to replenish their supplies of snow rakes until tomorrow or sometime next week. Some stores did not order new shipments due to the fact that the rakes sold out so quickly and they didn't have time to request additional rakes.

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