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Historical Commission approves Central St. signage

January 30, 2011
SOUTHBRIDGE — The Southbridge Historical Commission approved the storefront design of Ink-Toxicating, a new tattoo parlor on 53 Central St., Thursday, Jan. 27, at its monthly meeting.

The artwork or signs in the window of the store, which can't include any mention of tattooing until they are officially licensed, cannot take up more than 10 percent of the window, due to bylaws established by the Historical Commission.

Ink-Toxicating, which previously was a Verizon store, will sell flat-screen televisions and DVD and Blu-Ray players in the time when they can't begin tattooing. They will continue to sell them after they receive the permits to begin tattooing.

The store will also be a piercing studio and will sell body jewelry and will be Wi-Fi capable. They expect to be fully up and running Thursday, Feb. 17.

The owner of the building, Peter Nikolla, who will not be running the business, presented the designs to the commission on behalf of the business owners.

For more on this story, please see tomorrow's Southbridge Evening News.

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