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Is snow bad for business?

Local merchants share thoughts on trends during snowstorms

Zoe's Pizza, at 289 Main St., has notices a large increase in deliveries with the recent snowstorms, along with several other businesses in town. Adam T. Silva. (click for larger version)
January 26, 2011
SOUTHBRIDGE — Although many local businesses look at snowstorms as revenue-killers, some look at the other opportunities the storms present.

"It depends on when the snow storm hits," said Marty Mann, employee at Jim's Liquors, at 916 Main St. "If it's during or around the weekend, then we see a larger increase. We always get random walk-ins. Those people come in no matter what. In a snowstorm, they'll still come in. A lot of people go out and shovel people's sidewalks and driveways, make money, and come here to spend that money."

With the upcoming Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 6, Mann expects a large increase the day before and the day of. Those two days are two of the busiest of the year, although years when the New England Patriots are playing mean a huge increase in sales. They see an increase in beer and chip sales each year regardless.

"We saw an increase in sales right after the New Year, but that kind of faded quickly," said Mann, on the repeal of the tax on alcohol. "People just thought we went down on our prices. We have fun and friendly people come into the store, especially the regulars."

Restaurants that deliver see an increase in deliveries, but that doesn't always translate into more business.

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