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Clark contract talks at standstill

Council fails to agree on three-year extension

January 25, 2011
SOUTHBRIDGE — A four-four deadlock in the Town Council Monday night, Jan. 24, meant a new three-year contract for Town Manager Christopher Clark could not be established.

The contract would have begun Aug. 19, 2011, and would have gone through Aug. 18, 2014. Dialogue did not continue after the deadlock vote, with nothing said as to where the contract negotiations would go from there, bringing the topic to a standstill.

The issue that the Council had its most problems with dealt with pay increases that would be put into the contract.

"What I would put into the contract is what I am making now, as I have nothing to hide," said Clark in his defense of establishing the three-year extension. "I just want to get this thing moving forward. This [contract negotiation] has been a long time coming. I haven't made an issue out of this. I had my review a year and a half ago. I think you have to treat people with respect sometimes. If it's a question of numbers, I'll take out the percentages and put in the actual numbers. This is a fairly straightforward concept. This is a three-year extension on my regular agreement with a 1-percent increase going forward. If it makes more sense to you, I'll put in the actual dollar amount for last year and the current fiscal year."

Voting to accept proposed resolutions to events that occurred in December were firmly rejected. The council voted unanimously to reject proposed resolutions to Open Meeting Law Violations on Dec. 6 and 13.

For more on this story, please see tomorrow's Southbridge Evening News.

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