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6th Worcester District trial concludes testimony

Poll workers review Election Day events

January 23, 2011
WORCESTER — To Ryan Witkos, the fact the ballot box for Precinct 5 in Southbridge lacked one of two plastic seal ties made it possible to open it enough to put "someone's arm and hand," or maybe even a "grapefruit" or a "football" through.

Witkos was the last of several witnesses to testify in last week's Worcester Superior Court trial over the 6th Worcester District state representative's race recount. At issue are a constellation of concerns surrounding the fact Nov. 2 ballot tallies gave the seat to Spencer Republican Peter Durant by four votes, but Nov. 18 recounts ended with him defeating Charlton Democrat Geraldo Alicea by just one.

The case concluded Thursday morning, Jan. 20, with Judge Richard Tucker quietly telling the press he'd be making a decision sometime this week.

"It was not your everyday case," he observed, praising the attorneys. "It was very well tried."

Durant was not present that morning, and Alicea declined to comment until after Tucker's ruling.

For more on this story, please see tomorrow's Southbridge Evening News.

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