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Pros offer tips on roof safety

January 20, 2011
STURBRIDGE — Two feet of snow is heavy enough, and it becomes even heavier when additional precipitation piles up on top of it.

With an active weather pattern expected for the upcoming week, roofing professionals are warning home and business owners to make sure their roofs are clear.

"Flat roofs are especially susceptible to a collapse, because the snow will act like a sponge and suck up ice and water," said Daniel Truax, owner of Guaranteed Roofing and Maintenance in Sturbridge.

Truax's company has cleared off the roofs of many local homes and businesses in the last week, and he advises all concerned owners to contact a professional roof maintenance company instead of doing the work themselves.

"If you don't clear it off properly you could end up injuring yourself or seriously damaging the roof, so it is better to call a professional," Truax said. "Don't risk slipping and falling on icy ladders and roofs."

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