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Morin: Education key to recycling success

Recycling plans push ahead despite SMART cart denial

January 20, 2011
SOUTHBRIDGE — Although the Town Council voted down the SMART cart recycling program on Monday, Jan. 10, plans for another program soldier on.

The program would have given each home a 40-gallon trash bin that would be picked up weekly. The smaller bin would have encouraged residents to produce less trash and recycle more. The 96-gallon bins that residents currently use would be then used for recycling.

Despite the strong opposition from town residents that the 40-gallon bins would not be nearly enough, Board of Health Director James Morin stands confidently by his data proving otherwise. Close to 40 communities in Massachusetts have implemented the program.

"It has been proven that families can get by on a 40-gallon bin," said Morin. "Even families with diapers have been able to survive in the program. I think the next step for the Board of Health is to breathe, step back, relax and listen to concerns from the town and from the Town Council."

Morin believes that setting up a new recycling program is merely the beginning. He believes that within the next three to five years, laws will be in place that will require solid waste to be separated from trash. Anything that can be composted, such as discarded food, paper and grass clippings, will need to be in a separate bin.

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