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'A great way to start off the year'

Relay for Life starts planning at kick-off event

At the Southbridge Relay For Life Kick Off Tuesday, Jan. 11, a banner was awarded for the previous year’s accomplishments. Pictured, from left, Ray Fournier, Ron Ravenelle, Rick Stearns, Faye Sweeny and Katie Hafner. Adam T. Silva. (click for larger version)
January 12, 2011
SOUTHBRIDGE — For those living with cancer, there is proof right here in town that there is strength in numbers.

The Relay For Life of the Greater Southbridge Area Kick Off was held Tuesday, Jan. 11, at the VFW Hall.

The event was not a fundraiser, but an introduction for the rest of the year and an informational meeting for those new to the Relay. This year's Relay For Life in Southbridge will be Friday, June 17, to Saturday, June 18, at McMahon Field at Southbridge High School.

"This is the biggest turnout for a Kick-Off that I've ever been to," said Ron Ravenelle, a coordinator for the Relay. "This was just fantastic. It was a great way to start off the year."

One of the most inspirational moments of the night occurred when everyone in attendance was asked to take out their cell phones and add a phone number to their contacts. The number is a support line that is open all day, every day, for cancer patients. Everyone was told to remind anyone who is living with cancer to call the number at any time.

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