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Essay casts Holland bus driver in heroic role

James Stanton. (click for larger version)
January 05, 2011
HOLLAND — In the annals of heroic deeds, one might not think to find accounts involving school bus drivers.

Rarely are drivers praised for operating safely on a daily basis for striving to protect the wellbeing of children as they ride to and from school.

All that has changed in Holland.

Two days before Christmas, Tantasqua Regional School District bus driver James Stanton received an exciting surprise at Holland Elementary School. On that day he was informed by school administrators that third-grader Shane Lawrence had described him as his hero in a recent essay contest.

"I've seen a lot of ups and downs during my career, but this is definitely one of the highlights," said Stanton, who has driven the same bus route in Holland for 25 years.

"They totally caught me by surprise — it was a very emotional moment."

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