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Heroin link alleged in bust

Police report history of offenses

January 03, 2011
A Dudley man recently arrested, bailed out and rearrested on burglary charges allegedly has a history of such acts in connection with a heroin habit.

If that proves to be true in court, plenty of research shows he's not alone.

Charlton police accuse Nathan Gorczynski, 31, of 365 Dudley-Oxford Road, Dudley, with scoping out homes on Burlingame Road and breaking into at least one of them by using a dog door, according to Dudley District Court records. He pled not guilty Dec. 23.

When he was arrested Dec. 22, police reportedly found him carrying a large bottle of coins on Burlingame Road they quickly traced to that nearby home. Afterward, searches of his Ford Explorer found paraphernalia involved in heroin use, two small boxes of jewelry, and "a large amount of silverware." Police have not yet identified the source of the jewelry or silver. He was charged with possession of stolen goods and heroin and, later, with felony burglary by day.

In his report, Detective Gary Wood noted that Gorczynski provided a driver's license when asked for identification.

"I immediately recognized the name and told [him] that I recalled charging him with a burglary several years ago," Wood wrote.

For more on this story, please see tomorrow's Southbridge Evening News.

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