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Southbridge native earns Bronze Star

Medal bestowed for series of missions in Afghanistan

Maj. Gregg Langevin received a Bronze Star during a ceremony at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan earlier this month. (click for larger version)
December 28, 2010
A Southbridge native was recently decorated with the military's fourth-highest combat citation — the Bronze Star — while deployed in Afghanistan earlier this month.

Maj. Gregg Langevin, an Army reservist currently on full-time duty, was awarded the Bronze Star at Bagram Air Base on Wednesday, Dec. 1. The award is the ninth highest military award overall.

"I was a battalion operations officer deployed in Afghanistan for ten months," said Langevin, explaining how he received the award. "We had done numerous patrols and combat operations. It was a culmination of the successes we had through a series of operations against insurgent forces. Some receive the award for specific things, but this was for the series of operations that caused a lot of disruption and destruction of enemy forces operating in our area. "

Based on his accomplishments, his name went up through the brigade and division and all the way up to the Secretary of the Army, — where final decisions on medals and citations are made.

The award ceremony also bestowed Purple Hearts, Army Commendation Medals, and Army Achievement Medals, among many others. According to Langevin, due to the nature of operations in Afghanistan, it is extremely difficult for award ceremonies to take place, as hundreds or thousands of soldiers in one area creates too large a target for opposing forces.

Ceremonies, such as the one on Dec. 1, are normally held at Bagram Air Base, a larger and more secure area. A parking lot turns into a parade field, where 200 soldiers received awards, 30 of which were Bronze Stars.

For more on this story, please see tomorrow's Southbridge Evening News.

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