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Brookfield woman wins heating oil

REAS reaches out to other seniors in need of heat

December 27, 2010
STURBRIDGE — Senior citizens should never have to choose between heating their homes, buying food and other supplies, and paying for medications, but that is a sad reality for many local seniors.

Luckily, the Residential Energy Assistance for Seniors Foundation (REAS) has been helping seniors pay for energy assistance since its inception two years ago, and the foundation continues to thrive thanks to donations from the community and successful fundraising events.

REAS recently announced that Lynn Bergeron, of Brookfield, was the winner of the REAS 150 Gallons of Oil Drawing held during the town's annual Harvest Fest this fall. Bergeron will receive 150 gallons of free oil from the Tasse Fuel Corporation, the result of an REAS fundraiser during which tickets were sold.

Bergeron purchased one of those tickets, and she will now be the recipient of oil funded by her kind donation, as well as those of dozens of community members.

Of course, in order to host a fundraiser that provides a winner with free oil, REAS needed to procure a willing oil supplier, which wasn't an easy task in this difficult economic climate. But Jeff Tasse, the owner of the Tasse Fuel Corporation and frequent donator to REAS, was eager to assist Sturbridge seniors.

"I have many customers who are struggling to pay their oil bills, and the services REAS provides have been so important to seniors," Tasse said. "I thought it would be a great idea to include oil this year's a raffle."

For more on this story, please see tomorrow's Southbridge Evening News.

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