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School panel votes to fund basketball teams

December 23, 2010
SOUTHBRIDGE — Middle school students now have a better chance of making the basketball team with the addition of another team for boys and girls. The school now boasts a total of four junior varsity teams.

The School Committee reversed its decision on how many votes are needed for a measure to pass Wednesday at a special meeting. Originally, they decided that a majority of the committee needed to be present and had to take part in a vote in order for it to be valid.

At the Tuesday, Dec. 14 School Committee meeting, only four of the seven members were present. When the vote was taken that would appropriate $7,377 to go toward adding another boys and girls junior varsity basketball team at Wells Middle School, one member abstained from voting, meaning that only three of the seven members of the committee would be voting. They believed that would violate the committee’s charter by not having a majority of the committee voting.

“We have reinterpreted our decision from last week,” said committee member Scott Lazo. “We didn’t look at exactly what the charter said, but we decided that from now on, a majority vote of those voting is what will count.”

The decision to add new teams for both boys and girls squads were based mainly on numbers. Originally, roughly 50 boys and 40 girls were trying out for 15 spots on each junior varsity team.

For more on this story, please see tomorrow's Southbridge Evening News.

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