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Recount trial set for Jan. 14

Durant concerned area will be 'unrepresented'

Southbridge Town Clerk Madaline Daoust reaches into a ballot box as Town Attorney Robert Caprera looks on during last month's recount. (click for larger version)
December 16, 2010
The 6th District recount saga now has an end date in sight — Jan. 14. That's the outside date Worcester Superior Court Judge Richard Tucker has set for the bench trial, although both sides say it could come earlier if everything's ready.

"We're anxious to get on with the process," said Republican Peter Durant, who edged out incumbent Democrat Geraldo Alicea by one vote in November's recount. "My biggest concern right now is that, as of Jan. 5, this district will go unrepresented."

That's when the next legislative session begins, and Durant said he plans to petition Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo to "at least temporarily seat me." He argues the final vote tally means Alicea has "no claim to the seat," and a new election (if the court orders one) could take months. But, he admits he doesn't know what the speaker is likely to do.

Multiple attempts by phone and e-mail to get such an answer from DeLeo's office were unsuccessful.

Alicea said he won't seek such appointment, preferring to let the court make the decision.

"The change of venue pushed us back a little," Alicea said. "Now, we're trying to address all the discovery issues. I think we're all set, but I haven't seen [Durant's] list."

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