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Police look to speed, brakes in fatal crash

December 13, 2010
SOUTHBRIDGE — Police are continuing their investigation into the cause of a fatal car crash on Tuesday, Dec. 7, in which Makayla Packard, 15, of 630 Main St., a sophomore at Southbridge High School, was killed.

According to Southbridge Police Chief Daniel Charette, speed, possible lack of seat belts and faulty brakes were most likely the contributing factors in the crash, but nothing has been determined at this point.

The car will be inspected for brake failure.

"There was no snow or rain that day," said Charette. "It was light out, but with no glare, so we know that weather didn't play a factor in the accident. Right now, we believe that high speed wasn't a factor, but nothing is confirmed. There are two things to factor in: the operator and the condition of the vehicle."

According to Charette, there has been some indication that someone may have helped some of the people out of the car, but no one has stepped forward nor has it been determined officially.

Determining what happens during a car crash has become a bit easier with technology. While it is still difficult to determine exactly what happened during a crash, newer cars are equipped with chips that can indicate what was going on in the car between five and fifteen seconds before the crash, such as speed of acceleration, deceleration and how hard the car was hit, which would indicate the other car's speed.

For more on this story, please see tomorrow's Southbridge Evening News.

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