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Exterminator just itching to kill bedbugs

November 22, 2010
STURBRIDGE — Have no fear when bedbugs and other seemingly unstoppable insects or rodents invade your home or business — Dave the Exterminator is prepared to see that you sleep tight without the bedbug's bite.

He's just one of the licensed exterminators in the area which the state Bureau of Environmental Health advises homeowners and landlords to call when an infestation is suspected.

Dave Penttila, the CEO of Dave's Pest Control in Sturbridge, has spent 24 years protecting central Massachusetts home and business owners from property-damaging critters, and he knows what he's up against. Outbreaks of bedbugs made headlines in many American and international cities this year.

"Bedbugs are excellent hitchhikers they hop onto people's clothes and travel to the next location," Penttila said.

Hundreds of houses, apartment units, hotel rooms, movie theaters, and clothing stores across the country — most notably in New York City this summer — have been temporarily shut down in the last year due to bed bug infestations, and Penttila ascribes an increase in world travel as the root of the problem. Even the posh Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York was not immune to bedbugs.

"A lot of countries don't treat bedbugs the way we do here, so you have to be especially careful when traveling abroad," he said.

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