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Area firewalk aims to instill confidence

The group at recent firewalks participates in a pre-walk confidence-building ritual. (click for larger version)
November 14, 2010
BRIMFIELD — A person's fears are often the largest roadblocks to success.

Firewalking instructor Dennis McCurdy will communicate this message to visitors who choose to overcome their fears and walk across hot coals from 3-6 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 20 at the Green Acres antique show grounds.

McCurdy conducts multiple fire walking events each year throughout New England, many of which are purchased by corporations for their employees.

Everyone in the group will join McCurdy in lighting the fire, the first major step in the emotional process of the experience. While the group waits for the coals to burn down, McCurdy will conduct a workshop involving recognition and response to situations that elicit fear.

"During the workshop session, I try to help people realize that there are many things we don't even try because we think something is impossible to do or we become afraid of failure," McCurdy said.

According to McCurdy, the goal of firewalking is to teach people to embrace situations that make them nervous and overcome the fear associated with these situations by focusing on positive thinking. Despite being a Vietnam War veteran and a successful business entrepreneur, McCurdy admits that he still experiences fear from time to time, but his knowledge of how to handle fear allows him to move past it and enjoy life's challenges.

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