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New round of DPW interviews begins

November 09, 2010
SOUTHBRIDGE — Officials plan to take a giant step forward toward finding a new Department of Public Works Director.

Town officials plan to start interviews of the eight candidates at 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 10 at the Town Hall, according to chairman of the subcommittee Conrad Vandal.

"We want to get a real good DPW director," he said. "We want the best."

Whoever is hired will replace former DPW Director Kenneth Kalinowski, who resigned earlier this year to a take a job in Pepperell, closer to his Lunenburg home. The town's first search to replace him ended when officials discovered resume inconsistencies with their preferred candidate, Toma Duhani. Interim DPW Director Hamer Clarke is currently filling the post.

With the second search underway, officials are hoping to have a quicker turnaround make several changes to the post. Vandal said he wants to impose a six-month probationary period on whomever is hired, instead of giving the person a years-long contract guaranteeing them employment for a period of time. After the six-months expires, Vandal said the town would discuss possibly giving the person a contract. He warned what would happen if the person performed poorly.

"We will be disposing of that person and looking for another one," he said. "Give them a three-year contract and they can go afoul and then you have a problem getting rid of them."

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