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Two of three ballot questions fail

Southbridge’s Larry Day stands outside the Community Center with one of the few question-related signs seen anywhere in the district. Gus Steeves. (click for larger version)
November 03, 2010
Although most of the focus Election Day was on the candidates, for many voters, the three ballot questions gave them another major reason to come to the polls.

Statewide, Question 1 (repeal alcohol tax) passed 52-48 percent, but the other two failed — Question 2 (repeal affordable housing law), 41-59 percent, and Question 3 (cut sales tax), 43-57 percent.

For most of those interviewed at four area polling places — many who declined to identify themselves, and others who gave only first names — anger at taxes indicated how they voted even without being directly asked that question.

"I don't have another nickel to give the state," said one Charlton man who added he wants to cut down state government to put "as much power as close to me as possible."

Supporting Question 3, he noted voters "tried to get them to put it back" to 5 percent years ago, but the Legislature didn't do it. Now, he added, the Legislature should "cut what we tell them," but predicted, "They'll try to cut police and fire [if it passes] to make people squirm."

Judy, a fellow Charltonian, essentially agreed with him, saying she felt "a lot of tax money is being wasted. … I really think the spending needs to stop." But she also said the state needs to "help people who aren't working," seniors and others in need, and argued the funds could come from money now used for "items that are not necessary" in areas such as education.

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