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Open space panel puts ATV owners on notice

Leadmine Conservation land off-limits

October 07, 2010
STURBRIDGE — A notice going out to residents who live near the Leadmine Mountain Conservation Land makes clear that motorized vehicles, including all-terrain vehicles, are not allowed in the property.

Leslie Wong, assistant to the Open Space Commission, said the notice, dated Sept. 28, was sent out to approximately 110 residents as part of an outreach program for the Leadmine Mountain property.

"This is to let people know the land is out there for recreational use," she said. "It is also to let people know what cannot be done in the area. We want people to use the space, but also protect it."

According to the letter from the Conservation Commission, in 2004 the town, in cooperation with the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, purchased the 826-acre property for permanent open space protection. The property is owned by the town and is under the care, custody and control of the Conservation Commission. However, Fisheries and Wildlife holds a "conservation restriction" on the property, which prohibits certain uses.

One prohibited activity is the use of motorized vehicles.

"The use of automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, motorized trail bikes, all-terrain vehicles, and snowmobiles" the restriction states, "except for those needed for maintenance, construction or public safety activities."

For more on this story, please see tomorrow's Southbridge Evening News.

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