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Sturbridge polls to be moved?

No change this year, but officials watch Burgess work

September 30, 2010
STURBRIDGE — The renovations of Burgess Elementary School may mean the town will have to find a different poll location for elections in the next few years, but it will not be a problem for this year's Nov. 2 election.

Town Clerk Lorraine Murawski pointed out that the school is currently the only polling place in town and said the project make it difficult to run voting polls during certain phases of construction.

"I foresee us dealing with changing our polling election," she said. "As the construction proceeds, I'm sure at some point in time we will need to find a new location. There are not too many places in town."

The school will be the polling location for the Nov. 2 elections this year, Murawski said as a point of clarification. However, the town may have to find an alternate location for the April 11, 2011 town election, depending on the situation at the time.

"We may be OK for another year or two depending on what phase of the project they are in," she said.

The timeline is that over the duration of the 2010-2011 school year, the new wing of the building will be added, extending off the cafeteria/auditorium and being built into the hillside along the driveway into the school, taking the place of the baseball fields.

For more on this story, please see tomorrow's Southbridge Evening News.

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