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Charlton, HAP resolve Cady Brook issues

The Water/Sewer Commission and HAP Inc., owners of the Cady Brook apartment complex, have agreed on setting up a system to provide water to nearby residents. Ryan Grannan-Doll. (click for larger version)
August 29, 2010
CHARLTON — The controversy over bringing water to the Cady Brook apartment complex appears to be over.

The Water/Sewer Commission and Springfield-based HAP Inc. have come to an agreement to set up a new water system to provide clean, potable water to the one of the complex buildings on Harrington Road. Prior to the agreement, HAP had intimated it would walk away from the project because of the disagreement.

HAP bought the facility last year and has since been remodeling it. Part of that work includes remediation of water problems.

After two separate recent meetings with the Water/Sewer Commission, HAP has agreed to install a small plastic pipe to one nearby home, at the demand of the group. Also as part of the deal, HAP will install a new pipe to bring water from Southbridge up to residents of the upper building. Under a previously approved agreement, Southbridge provides 100,000 gallons of water daily to homes affected by petroleum spills dating back to the 1970s and '80s.

"We are all on the same page," said HAP Executive Director Peter Gagliardi. "The Water/Sewer Commission basically gave it their blessing."

Getting to the agreement, however, was a struggle. Weeks ago, the Water/Sewer Commission had demanded HAP install the small pipes for every surrounding homeowner, but HAP balked, saying that was too costly and hinted it would abandon the project over the tussle. The commission said state law required HAP install the small pipes, but could never offer proof of the law.

For more on this story, please see Monday's Southbridge Evening News.

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