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Charlton weighs options on landfill capping

August 22, 2010
CHARLTON — The Board of Health is considering three options for finishing the cap on the Flint Road landfill.

The developments come as a result of recent controversy about the site. The Board of Health and the current site contractor, Georgetown-based T. Ford Company, are disputing whether the firm's work is actually complete. When asked whether the board was considering firing T. Ford, Chairman Willard Stevens did not say either way, but said "we're seeing what T. Ford's going to do [in reference to a dispute over dirt at the site]."

The Board of Health says the firm was supposed to have screened the dirt, but T. Ford has claimed it can't do it without additional money, which the town denied them. T. Ford has not made any public statement on the issue.

The state Department of Environmental Protection, in 2005, ordered the town to have the landfill capped and has since worked with officials ensure the job is completed.

Looking forward toward finishing the job, the options are three-fold. The first option is to award a new contract to a firm that would finish screening dirt at the site and then hire another contractor to finish the overall job, according to Board of Health member Matthew Gagner. The second option is to hire another contractor that would not only screen the dirt, but finish the rest of the work, Gagner said. Finally, the board could negotiate a new plan with T. Ford to assure the work is completed.

"We're looking into a couple of avenues for this," Gagner said. "If T. Ford would honor their contract I believe … the board would probably allow them to continue."

For more on this story, please see Monday's Southbridge Evening News.

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