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Flashing light no more

August 11, 2010
SOUTHBRIDGE — After several years of blinking, the traffic light at Main, Goddard and Hamilton streets will start cycling Monday.

"Since it's August, traffic is about as light as we're going to see it," said DPW Director Ken Kalinowski. "We'll see how it goes and welcome any constructive feedback."

He said the light will be synchronized to lights that now cycle at both Marcy and Elm streets. By cycling, he predicted it will make it easier for side-street traffic to enter Main Street.

But what's still unclear it what effect this change will have on Main's traffic, since it will no longer be possible to line up more than about eight eastbound vehicles at the Main/Elm streets light. About the same distance separates Hamilton from Marcy.

Kalinowski said that wasn't really what sparked the change, however.

"Traffic Commission has been discussing it for a while, in response to local business owners being concerned about pedestrian safety there," he said.

Specifically, if that light doesn't cycle, the pedestrian light also doesn't work, he noted.

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