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Tales from two wars

OSV, Hitchcock Academy host re-enactment weekends

The Artillery Company of New Port, of Crane’s Battery, demonstrate firing a 2-pound cannon at OSV Sunday during Redcoats and Rebels weekend. Jake Petrie of Pittsfield, a member of the 10th Conn. Vol. re-enactors has a rest on the end of his rifle at the Battle of Brimfield. Christopher Tanguay. (click for larger version)

Shawn Kelley. (click for larger version)
August 08, 2010
Gen. William T. Sherman famously said, "War is hell."

War reenactment however, is rather fun.

Last weekend, people from all over New England came to the area to choose their preferred century and view an authentic battle from both the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.

Old Sturbridge Village held its annual Redcoats and Rebels weekend, depicting life during the Revolution, and Hitchcock Free Academy hosted the Battle of Brimfield at the Heart O'the Mart, featuring a mid 19th century village and reenactment of a Civil War battle.

In Sturbridge, Steve Colonies and his men from the Artillery Company of Newport, representing Crane's Battery, gave onlookers basic training on the use of an 18th century English forged cannon.

Replacing the 2-pound cannonballs with packed gunpowder for safety, Colonies explained the artillery soldiers of the Revolution would have been working with.

Colonies said the primary cannon most companies would have been firing would be similar to the piece of weaponry he was manning this weekend.

Although the Revolutionary War was ultimately won by the patriots, it was not without its fair share of Yankee ingenuity.

With militias popping up in villages around the budding nation, supply of arms was not always available from the wagon trains where needed.

"Some of them were captured," Colonies said, explaining why the militias would have had an English-made cannon.

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