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A tip of the hat to OSV as offices return to Sturbridge Town Hall

The renovated Town Hall will be busy with Sturbridge officials moving back in Thursday. Christopher Tanguay. (click for larger version)
August 04, 2010
STURBRIDGE — Moving day has arrived.

The temporary Town Hall complex at the Old Sturbridge Village lodges was to be closed to the public Wednesday as town employees boxed up their offices in anticipation of the move to their permanent homes Thursday.

The Town Hall and Center Office, formerly the Center Schoolhouse, will remain closed for the rest of the week as officials get settled into their new digs. Both buildings will be open for business on Monday, Aug. 9.

As the $4.9 million renovation of the two 19th-Century buildings came to a close, staffers began planning for the move back to Town Hall — and inhabitation of the Center Office, which had been empty for years since it closed as a school in the 1950s — for weeks.

Assessor William Mitchell, who helped with the planning of the move, said just about every detail imaginable had to be accounted for before the move could take place.

"We had to plan everything from furniture and files to keys and window treatments, right down to paper towels and supplies for the bathrooms," Mitchell said. "It was quite extensive."

One of the most difficult tasks, Mitchell said, was planning out furniture for the various offices and meeting spaces in the two buildings.

"We had to lay out a floor plan for each office to figure out what we could fit in each office and make it user-friendly," he said.

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