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Police investigating Village shooting

July 27, 2010
SOUTHBRIDGE — What started as an unsubstantiated noise complaint Sunday evening turned into a search for a gun and the arrest of three men for assaulting a Brookside Village resident.

According to Police Chief Daniel Charette, police went to the village Sunday but weren't able to find anything. Monday morning, however, a female resident woke up to find a hole in her apartment wall and reported it.

"It turned out to be a bullet hole," the chief said.

Detective Lt. Shane Woodson said the discovery prompted local police to call in a state police team to search for the slug, without success. He said he thinks it bounced around and is still in the wall somewhere.

The woman, he added, was not the target.

"She just ended up being unfortunate the round ended up in her apartment," Woodson said.

Further investigation led police to three men visiting from Philadelphia who were allegedly "pursuing a local guy, who lives in the village" with baseball bats, he said. The men were arrested for assault with a bat and seem to be linked to the shooting, but police have not yet found the gun despite searching an apartment linked to one of them.

Charette and Woodson did not have the men's names when speaking after the town council meeting, and investigating officer Sgt. Ryan Roettger could not be reached for more details Monday evening.

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