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***BREAKING NEWS*** Alleged child kidnap try at Charlton church

July 23, 2010
CHARLTON —A man wandering into the Charlton Baptist Church Bible school program followed a young boy outside and attempted to lure him into his vehicle Friday afternoon, according to the program director.

The boy ran to his mother, who was at the school and had already signed him out, and told her what happened, said Vacation Bible School Director Kathleen Berg.

A notice was distributed to parents informing them of the incident. It read, in part: "This afternoon a stranger came to the church and approached a child. The child quickly went to an adult and the police were notified. We are very thankful to God that the child was not harmed but only frightened. By recommendation of the police, we are asking you to keep a close eye on your children."

This story will appear in full in Monday's Southbridge Evening News, but if you visited here first, you got the scoop! www.theheartofmassachusetts.com

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