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Do you know of any great places to visit?

July 13, 2010
The state recently released its list of 1,000 best places to visit in Massachusetts. It was comprehensive, but we couldn't help but think there were many other destinations that should have made the cut.

We decided to try and compile our own list, so we're putting out the call to you, our readers, to help. Between now and Friday, Aug. 13 we'd like you to send us your suggestions for interesting places to visit in Southern Worcester Country, Northeast Connecticut and even Northern Rhode Island.

We know you've been to many different places — perhaps for vacation or work. Have you been somewhere interesting that you think others should know about?

There are some ground rules:

First, we don't want the names of any places that already appeared on the state's list. Sorry, OSV.

Second, they must be destinations that are open or accessible to the public (the state's list featured at least one place that isn't).

It can be a business, a museum, a park, a monument — let your imagination run wild.

When responding, try to be as specific as possible, as we may not be familiar with all suggestions. Give us names, addresses and, if it is a place of business, or some place that requires admission of some sort, a phone number so we can call for more information, if needed. You'll want to include a brief, but detailed description and your pitch as to why it should make our list. An accompanying photo is welcome and encouraged, as long as permission has been granted when needed.

The size of the list will depend upon the number of suggestions.

Remember: We want you to have fun with this, so involve your family and friends. Let's come up with the best places to visit that you think should have made the state's list.

E-mail your submissions to any of the following editors: Adam Minor, aminor@stonebridgepress.com; Tracy Seelye, tseelye@stonebridgepress.com; Andy Levin, andy@stonebridgepress.com; David Dore, ddore@stonebridgepress.com; Walter Bird Jr., wbird@stonebridgepress.com; or Stephanie Jarvis, sjarvis@stonebridgepress.com.

You may mail your suggestions and photos to Stonebridge Press Newspapers, 25 Elm St., Southbridge, MA 01550, ATTN: Editor.

For more information, call us at 508-764-4325.

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