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Rough days on the diamonds?

Parents, coaches at times a problem for Little League

Southbrige Little League President Shaun Moriarty said that, while verbal ‘sniping’ led to some coaches being banned from a recent tournament, there have been no problems with violence on the field. Ryan Grannan-Doll. (click for larger version)
July 11, 2010
Local officials are trying to temper behavior at Little League games.

Several minor incidents involving parents and coaches have occurred this season, which led the Southbridge Little League's Board of Directors to ban the entire coaching staff of the Giants and Cardinals from coaching in any tournament, according to League President Shaun Moriarty.

"Everybody seems to be getting along fine," Moriarty said.

"We have had pretty minor issue altogether. We have not really had anything that I have seen … as far as any real danger."

From the Cardinals, Head Coach Terry Putnam, Assistant Coaches Kip Putnam and Chris Paul were banned. From the Giants, Head Coach Chet Casaletta, Assistant coaches Craig and Chris Boisvert, who are brothers, were barred from the tournaments. Assistant Coach Derek Lamica, a local firefighter, was also banned.

Several incidents led up to the decision.

One occurred in mid-May when coaches from both teams began "sniping at each other across the field, verbally," Moriarty said.

"The coaches on both teams were kind of bickering back and forth before the game even started. These particular coaches don't care for each other. It's that sort of thing," Moriarty said.

As a result, a player's family member approached one of the coaches and challenged him to a fight.

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