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A decade of tears

Weekend events honor life, legacy of Molly Bish

At last Juneís memorial vigil, Magi Bish raises a lit candle in memory of her daughter, Molly, and all missing and murdered children and urges the dozens of people who attended the ninth anniversary vigil to do the same. This yearís events mark the 10th anniversary of Mollyís disappearance from her lifeguard job at Comins Pond. File photo/David Dore. (click for larger version)
June 21, 2010
In Central Massachusetts, there are few names that can conjure emotions as deep as that of Molly Bish.

This weekend, the Molly Bish Foundation will host its annual vigil and motorcycle rally, though this year's events mark a significant milestone for the foundation, and the Bish family.

Sunday, June 27, the day of Molly's Ride for Child Safety, will be 10 years to the day since the Warren teen's disappearance from her lifeguard post at Comins Pond in Warren.

Three years after Molly's abduction, her remains were found in a remote area of Palmer known as Whiskey Hill.

To date, no one has been held accountable for her death.

This year's vigil is expected to draw family and friends from all over the country, including Colorado, Mississippi, Arizona, Michigan and Florida, who will share their sorrows on missing the girl they loved, and their triumphs in working to keep the nation's youth safe in Molly's honor.

"When I look back at this whole journey that Molly's put us on, it has been sad without doubt, it has been one of loss, but it has been one of accomplishment in seeing that children are safe," said Molly's mother, Magi Bish, reflecting on the often turbulent road she and her family have traveled in the years since their daughter and sister's death.

"Love is the tie," she continued. "If you didn't have love, everything we've been able to do had to take courage, but if we didn't have Molly's love to anchor us and buoy us, we couldn't have done it."

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