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Landfill jumps one permit hurdle

Fusco: Company's vision always involved 'a number of steps'

June 01, 2010
SOUTHBRIDGE — The landfill received part of its formal state permit last week, one of the two key changes it sought in the 2008 site assignment hearings.

Back then, the company applied to greatly expand the amount of waste they could accept to 405,600 tons per year and 1,500 per day average. On Friday, the Department of Environmental Protection formally limited that collection to 180,960 tons per year and 580 daily average.

But the firm got the second modification it sought. It can now accept material "comprised of any combination of construction and demolition residue and MSW [municipal solid waste] from residential, commercial and industrial sources without regard to geographic origin."

The original permit defined how that material could be broken down (80 tons MSW and 500 tons C&D daily) and limited MSW collection to Southbridge itself.

"This permit — we're very pleased, and it's what we expected at this point in the process," said Casella Vice President Joe Fusco. "The vision for this facility has always taken place in a number of steps."

Although the permit allows mixing MSW and C&D, Fusco indicated the former is "the largest component of the everyday waste stream" and would therefore comprise the largest share of the material dumped in Southbridge.

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