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Editor Delaney Ducey, left, and her Assistant Editor Cailin Gonyea proudly display the Paw Press, the student news paper they help produce at Trinity Catholic Academy. Ryan Grannan-Doll. (click for larger version)
May 31, 2010
SOUTHBRIDGE — Want to know how to make ice cream sandwiches or find your horoscope?

Open the pages of the Paw Press, Trinity Catholic Academy's student newspaper, which started publishing this academic year.

It all started in December 2009 when students, with the help of two parent advisors, printed the first issue on one page. Since then, they have published four additional issues, typically monthly at a cost of 25 cents.

Editor Delaney Ducey, and assistant editor Cailin Gonyea, both sixth-graders, oversee the project, with any other school students offered the opportunity to submit articles for publication. The paper features an advice column, event listings, theater and food reviews, and even letters to the editor.

For the students, the project has become a way to express themselves outside of the typical academic environment, and an significant achievement.

"It shows you can really do something if you put your mind to it," Gonyea said.

The students meet each Thursday to work on the paper, while Linda Wasiak, one of the advisors, lays out each issue. Ducey said the students do some of the editing, but hope to do all of it next year.

The work has filled the students with pride and joy. Gonyea said she loves the thrill of seeing her byline in print, and knowing she collaborated with others.

"We get to work together as a team," she said.

Researching, reading and writing, Gonyea said, has forced her to learn subjects she may not have otherwise uncovered in other venues.

The students learn much more than just scholastic subjects, Wasiak said. She said the students have built up their confidence and people skills, especially when asking peer writers to improve their writing.

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