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School head search 'never a straight line'

DeGregorio: two or three more weeks to go

David DiGregorio (click for larger version)
May 26, 2010
SOUTHBRIDGE — With the superintendent search process on hold, nobody really knows what the Search Committee will have to work with when it regroups or how it will do its job.

School Committee Vice Chair David DiGregorio, who is not a Search Committee member, said he'd like to see the resumed process take "maybe 14 days to three weeks," noting that would extend the process beyond the originally planned selection date of June 12.

"If they can reconvene quickly, I don't see why that can't be done," he added. This current situation, however, "is pure Southbridge. Things tend to come out in the end, but it's never a straight line."

To him, the initiator of the process needs to be the representative of the town's hired consultant, the Mass. Association of School Committees. Exactly who that will be is still unclear after Pat Correia refused to return following Monday's meeting.

MASC Executive Director Glenn Koocher said he's likely to take up the reins. Speaking in a general sense because he had not yet specifically advised Southbridge, he said the School Committee still has numerous options of how to go forward.

"The school has ultimate authority to appoint the candidate the majority wants to hire," he said. "… I've seen everything. Nothing surprises me with a superintendent search."

Among other things, Koocher said he has seen school boards accept the search panel's recommendation or reject it; sometimes, they add or subtract names; and sometimes, "they'll go elsewhere" entirely. The timeline depends on what the School Committee wants.

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