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Superintendent search heats up

School panel, search group at odds over number of candidates

May 25, 2010
SOUTHBRIDGE — Members of the Superintendent Search Committee took aim at the School Committee Tuesday night over the fact the latter had arbitrarily decided to increase the number of finalists from three to five the night before.

"We can't afford to shove everything we worked hard for under the rug," said Kara Donovan. " Even if there was [just] one person standing, that was a phenomenal person, the right person for the job."

She was referring to the last few weeks, during which her panel interviewed and rated several applicants for the superintendent's job. They had been charged to recommend "three to five" candidates. During that process, she said, they debated how many to recommend, voting 'no' on five and four before voting 8-4 to send the top three names to the School Committee.

"We don't know who the five are," she said. "We know who the three are, but who are the five?"

Search Committee member Dave Williams, the teachers' union president, agreed, noting their three picks "got over half the votes" and were "far and above" the others they interviewed.

Vice Chair David DiGregorio said that issue prompted him to talk to attorney Dean Moschos, and member Mary Ellen Prencipe said she spoke to him as well.

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