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QCC lauds local leaders

Effort to bring four-year college afoot

QCC Board Chairman Brent Andersen and President Gail Carberry introduce their Citizen’s Award recipients for 2010: the Southbridge-area town and business leaders who shepherded the creation of the college’s Southbridge campus last year. That group had 11 members, four of whom are clearly visible here: Paul Bowler, James Waddick, Brian Chandley and Christopher Clark. Gus Steeves. (click for larger version)
May 23, 2010
WORCESTER — At its graduation ceremony Thursday, Quinsigamond Community College honored 11 local business and community leaders for making the college's new Southbridge campus possible, giving them the Citizen's Award.

"This is the 23rd award, but the first time it's going to the whole leadership group," said QCC Assistant Vice President Victor Somma.

Specifically, the college honored Paul Bowler, Kim Cameron, Brian Chandley, Christopher Clark, Robert Clemence, Alexandra McNitt, John Miller, Ed Moore, Larry Morrison, Alan Peppel and James Waddick. All attended the ceremony except Clemence, Moore and Peppel, and Morrison received the award for the group.

"The future can be manufactured. You can take raw material — call that talent — and you shepherd it through a process," Morrison told the crowd, regarding both the students and the new campus. Speaking very broadly, he said the overall effort was "a form of nation-building" in which the immediate goal is to "create conditions enabling Quinsigamond Community College students to happily do your best and be who you are."

A second goal, he added, was to "help honor everyone who used to sit there and acknowledge you, and try to lift the level of opportunity for those who will sit there next and next and next."

Looking to the future, Somma said Quinsigamond is in talks with Westfield State College to bring a four-year campus to the Southbridge area, in part because the two colleges have similar programs.

For more on this story, please see Monday's Southbridge Evening News.

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