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Eatery works tax deal

Two Cousins reopens amid challenges

Segundo Campoverde invites people into his recently reopened pizzeria on Eastford Road. Gus Steeves. (click for larger version)
May 20, 2010
SOUTHBRIDGE — After being closed for non-payment of taxes for about two weeks, Two Cousins is once again open for business.

A visit to the Eastford Road pizzeria Wednesday afternoon, however, showed business is very slow — there were no customers there, and owner Segundo Campoverde had most of the lights off to save electricity.

According to state Department of Revenue spokesman Robert Bliss, such reopenings are common.

"The seizure was released after they agreed to make a substantial downpayment on that tax owed and enter a payment plan," Bliss said. "This isn't an unusual course of action. In fact, when there's a seizure, it's what we prefer to see."

In this case, Two Cousins was closed April 22 for $118,198 in unpaid taxes. Bliss said confidentiality laws prohibit him from revealing the details of the agreement or how much Campoverde paid.

Campoverde, however, said he tried to get a payment plan as early as February, without success. At first, the state offered to give him six months to pay it all, but he got himself a lawyer and the lawyer arranged to pay $5,000 upfront and make monthly payments thereafter. But even that might be at risk.

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