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Firm: GPS not just for law enforcement anymore

One of GoTEK7’s vehicles with its distinctive paintjob. The company’s tiny devices can track family members or pets. Courtesy photo. (click for larger version)
May 12, 2010
STURBRIDGE — Big Brother is watching you. And now, he's watching from Sturbridge.

Global Security Tracking, one of the leading distributors of GPS tracking devices in the world, recently opened a branch office in Sturbridge, its third state location in addition to offices in Worcester and Boston.

"We're the only company that can track absolutely anywhere in the world," said Dustin Nickerson of Global Security Tracking. "We can basically track anything, anywhere, anytime."

Global Security Tracking's headlining product, the GoTEK7, is a small — smaller than the size of a credit card — GPS unit that can be attached or put into just about anything. The device can track the whereabouts of that person or object, Nickerson said, to within three meters.

Nickerson said the GoTEK7 is quickly replacing ankle bracelet tracking devices used by many police departments keeping track of parolees.

"A lot of law enforcements agencies have been buying them," he said. "It's a lot smaller, it's a lot more accurate, it's a faster response time."

Vice President of the company Scott Robidoux, who said GoTEK7s are being used in 17 countries right now, said there are far more uses for such devices in every day life than just use in law enforcement, such as the personal safety of individuals and their families.

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