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Some Chua patients feel left in lurch

'We're not all addicts' pain care clients say

May 09, 2010
onth's closing of Dr. Alvin Chua's medical office left quite a few people in the lurch, since he was the only pain management specialist anywhere near Southbridge.

A quick Google search points out the problem. Although there are a few chiropractors in Webster and Putnam, a search for "MA pain management specialists" turns up nothing in the 508 area code. The nearest is in Springfield.

One of those affected was Richard, 58, of High Street. He asked not to use his last name, but said he'd been seeing Chua biweekly for nearly four years after being diagnosed with several back problems. Among them were three blown disks and lumbar arthritis.

"I can't believe Chua was the only doctor in the area who could prescribe pain meds," Richard said. "Every doctor in the community, once they heard you were going to Chua, said they weren't taking new patients or couldn't prescribe narcotics."

His issue came to light as a result of the April 14 closing of Chua's Orchard Street practice. Chua did it under a voluntary agreement with the state's Board of Registration in Medicine, which is currently investigating unspecified allegations against him.

See Tuesday's Southbridge Evening News for complete coverage of community news.

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