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Recall effort falls far short

'It's a dead issue' and time to move on, Garieri says

Scott Garieri (click for larger version)
May 05, 2010
STURBRIDGE — The effort to recall Selectman Scott Garieri has failed.

"They failed to do it, so it is a dead issue," Garieri said Wednesday, the deadline day for submission of enough signatures to proceed with the recall campaign.

According to Town Clerk Lorraine Murawski, only six signatures had been submitted as of the 4 p.m. deadline, which bars the effort from progressing.

Patrick Babcock, a former supporter of Garieri, had launched an effort in April to recall the selectman.

Had Babcock, a member of the Master Plan Steering Committee, gathered the signatures for at least 20 percent of the town's registered voters, Garieri would have been given the chance to resign.

"I'm assuming hey didn't get close to the 20 percent that they needed," Murawski said.

If Garieri refused to resign, a special election would have been held asking voters whether or not Garieri should stay on the board. That election would have cost between $3,000 and $3,500.

Babcock launched the effort in response to revelations that Garieri had called Carol Childress a "whore." During a meeting of the Town Administrator Search Committee, which was working to select a new town administrator. Garieri later admitted to making the comment, and apologized for it. A source close to the search process, who spoke under condition of anonymity, said Childress, after the exchange, had made jokes about Garieri's comments. Childress denied she any jokes.

With the effort now dead, Garieri lamented on the past and looked to the future.

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