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Support services vital to families of autisic children

May 05, 2010
It is easy for one to get lost and disoriented when trying to navigate through the often-imposing maze that is support service.

An autism diagnosis is life changing — altering not only the life of the individual affected, but their entire family as well.

The first few months after such a diagnosis can be the most tumultuous time in a young parent's life, trying to absorb as much information about a little-known disorder as they can while doing their best to maintain a routine of normalcy to their home life.

Medical assistance, education, social integration and myriad of other issues — and how to go about dealing with them — can flood a parental mind to the point of overwhelming stress.

Chief Executive Officer of Rehabilitative Resources Inc. in Sturbridge Bonita Keefe-Layden said while the task of finding the best resources for families touched by autism can be nothing short of daunting, there is help in the form of autism support brokers.

Brokers work with the family unit as a whole, assessing their collective needs as well as those specific to the member or members with autism and work in conjunction with the family and their given school district, day program, care providers and other services.

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