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A date too old for your prom?

School's under-21 only rule angers a parent

April 28, 2010
At age 18, you can vote, smoke, gamble, join the Army and buy a Playboy magazine. At 21, however — which is really the last benchmark age one has to look forward to until 40 — you can buy alcohol.

For all intents and purposes, adulthood begins at age 18 unless, of course, you are in a school setting where students can reach — and even exceed by a small margin — the age of 18.

With prom season upon us, many students, parents and school personnel are asking the question: how old is too old to go the prom?

At Tantasqua Regional High School, whose junior/senior prom is scheduled for Friday, May 7 at the DCU Center in Worcester, the standing rule has been no admittance to the prom by anyone 21 years old or older.

"We'll have anywhere from four, five, six requests to bring over 21 year olds to a dance or a prom that we say no to," said Tantasqua Superintendent Daniel G. Durgin.

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