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Road to a bigger bill

Complications add to IPAR cost

April 27, 2010
SOUTHBRIDGE — The Industrial Park Road bill got a little bigger Monday when the Town Council approved changes that added $350,907 to the project's cost.

According to DPW Director Kenneth Kalinowski, the change is necessary to pay for "unforeseen subsurface conditions," including removal of rock and "unsuitable" soil, testing for asphalt, adding water and sewer stubs, fixing the haybales and silt fences, adding a culvert and iron piping, and setting aside $50,000 for an extra contingency "so we don't have to keep coming back to the council for nickel and dime stuff."

One key part of the "unsuitable" soil was a concern citizens raised months ago as questionable —†the quantity of glass fragments there. Town Manager Christopher Clark said the contractor, Marois Brothers, tested it and found it had too much glass (around 12 percent) to meet the criteria for use in roadways, which calls for around 8 percent. Since that material came from the landfill, he said he plans to approach Casella for funds to cover some of the costs.

According to both officials, the extra funds would have fallen within a 10-percent contingency line item, which is standard for construction projects. But not this one.

"It's almost virtually impossible for a project to go start to finish and not find anything," Clark said. "... I wanted to use the full amount. We want to maximize that potential resource."

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