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Two Cousins closed

DOR seizes eatery for back taxes

State officials Thursday, April 22 seized Two Cousins Pasta and Grill Pizzeria on Eastford Road for non-payment of taxes. Ryan Grannan-Doll. (click for larger version)
April 26, 2010
SOUTHBRIDGE — The state Department of Revenue has seized a local restaurant for non-payment of taxes since November 2005.

According to DOR Spokesman Robert Bliss, the agency seized Two Cousins Pasta and Grill Pizzeria at 856 Eastford Road, near the Connecticut line, Thursday, April 22. In total, the restaurant owes $118,198.07, Bliss said.

"They began receiving notices that they owed and that the bills were starting to add up in July 2006," said Bliss.

Separately, the Town of Southbridge has filed a tax lien, against the owner and property for racking up a large overdue bill, according to county records and Southbridge officials.

Specifically, Bliss said, the restaurant is not allowed to open and state officials took equipment inside the restaurant, including computers, fax machines stoves, and ovens, that it will auction off to pay the bill, if the owner does not make an effort to pay the bill.

To avoid the sale, Bliss said, the owner has two weeks make a substantial payment and file a plan to further settle the bill.

"If we sees both of those things, there is a good chance the restaurant can reopen, we will have to see what the owner is able to do at this point," Bliss said. "It is not infrequent that seizures are released."

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