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Challenges to Brewer brewing

Republican, 2 independents eye running

April 15, 2010
In this year's anti-incumbent mood, three people have taken out papers to run against State Sen. Stephen Brewer, D-Barre.

They come from all over the sprawling Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin district — Daniel Dubrule, a Republican from Ashburnham, and two independents, Charles Cournoyer of Monson and Michael Goddard of Warren. At least two have not yet returned the 300 signatures they'll need to get on the ballot, but they still have until April 27 to do so.

"This district has 170,000 residents, so I fully expect to have opponents and a spirited campaign," Brewer said. "This is a tough time for people in office, from Obama down to the dog catcher."

Dubrule could not be reached for comment, but left a brief message saying he's "actively pursuing the possibility" of running and would contact the press in "a few weeks." An online search, however, turned up the fact he has created a campaign committee and filed a financial statement for last year (showing no receipts or expenses), was listed at the Republican blog Red Mass Group as a candidate in February, and is a member of the MA-NH Independence Day Tea Party. Elsewhere, sites note he's president of the Lions Club in Ashburnham.

The other two men, however, were quite talkative.

"This isn't about what he's done, it's about what's not being done," said Goddard, who runs a window-tinting business. "… I don't believe they understand what we're going through when they increase fees and taxes."

Like many people, he argues the state needs to both cut taxes and spending, but he said he couldn't cite specifics because he was on the job at the time. He did claim, however, that last year's sales tax hike "hurt the economy" and small businesses, especially near the borders, and various fee hikes have made it very expensive to be a gun owner or sportsman. He also noted "unemployment has doubled or tripled" since 2006.

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