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Some councilors wary of $1 Casaubon plan

March 31, 2010
SOUTHBRIDGE — At least half of the Town Council appears opposed to the idea of moving the Registry of Motor Vehicles to the Casaubon Senior Center, citing their wariness of the agency's motives and future plans.

"We've already seen the RMV can't be trusted, and they should stand up to their obligations as we do ours," said David Livengood, referring to the way the Registry broke its lease with Big Bunny to move to Charlton last summer.

Catherine Nikolla agreed, saying she "won't be comfortable with it in any other place other than where it belongs," in part because Big Bunny was "treated very poorly by the state."

The issue came up because Denise Clemence read a letter from Big Bunny owner Peter Cournoyer warning the town to be very careful dealing with the Registry. But Chairman Steven Lazo (who did not attend the meeting) later said he believes Clemence raised the issue prematurely and without telling the whole story. Much of her information came from a recent meeting between him, Registrar Rachel Kaprielian, Town Manager Christopher Clark, Councilor Larry McDonald, Rep. Geraldo Alicea, and Sens. Richard Moore and Steven Brewer. Clemence also attended but had not been invited, Lazo said.

"We weren't making any commitments, weren't making any deals in the back room," Lazo said of that meeting and why more people weren't asked to participate. " Chris is still working on it. He's doing the best he can, but it's not fast enough for some councilors."

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