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RMV: The check is in the mail

Some waiting for refund, say it's a matter of principle

Anyone who paid a $5 surcharge for some Registry of Motor Vehicles transaction last month should be getting a refund soon, according to RMV officials. The fee was rescinded a day after going into effect. Photo illustration by Ryan Grannan-Doll. (click for larger version)
March 30, 2010
The state Registry of Motor Vehicles has pledged refunds for motorists who paid a $5 surcharge for some transactions. Those who paid the fee before it was dumped, however, are suspicious they will ever receive them.

The RMV imposed the fee March 1 for some branch and telephone transactions, saying it wanted to push more people to using its Web site instead of visiting a branch. After just one day of complaints and controversy over the decision, Gov. Deval Patrick rescinded the fee.

Registry Spokesman Ann Dufresne last week said refund checks for people who paid the fee should be "mailed in the next week or so."

Motorists, she said, don't have to do anything to apply for the refund.

"We are identifying individuals who paid the fee and we anticipate refund checks should be mailed in the next week or so," Dufresne wrote in an e-mail last week.

Douglas resident Rita Lenehan, who paid the fee, said she will be "very fortunate" if she ever receives the refund.

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