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Landfill appeal is still in limbo

Pecci pins her own hopes on inexperience

March 23, 2010
WORCESTER — After Judge Janet Kenton-Walker shot down her legal argument, Sturbridge lawyer Kirstie Pecci essentially begged her not to throw out the anti-landfill appeal because of her inexperience as a lawyer.

Admitting she's "a pro-bono attorney with no litigation experience," Pecci said she would put herself "on the court's mercy" in asking Kenton-Walker to accept her late filing of the appeal, noting, "my mistake is costing my clients their right to appeal."

Pecci was referring to state court Rule 4A, which requires any appeal be filed within 30 days of the case's judgment being entered into the record. In this case, Kenton-Walker issued the decision Dec. 16, meaning Pecci had until Jan. 15 to file. She mailed it that date, but the Superior Court Clerk's office did not receive and stamp it until Jan. 19.

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